How does this extension serve you?

Free installation
It's a free Chrome browser extension that you can install directly from the official Chrome Web Store.
Type URL in the address bar
Use our extension by typing the URL in your Chrome browser's address bar.
See results of safety
At the bottom of the autocomplete area, we will show you the safety result of this URL.
safe shortcuts

Activate the extension after installation.

We respect your consent and want to put you in control. After this extension has been installed to your Chrome browser, we kindly request your proactive consent to activate the extension. From them on, we'll provide the URL Safety service for you all year long.

Changing your default search engine to Yahoo

In order to provide the functionality of URL Safety, we require to change your default search engine to Yahoo. You can also change the default search engine to Google or Bing.


Do you have a question for us?

Many seemingly innocent URLs lead you to malicious and unwanted content online. We call them unsafe content. URL Safety provides an additional protection to you, like a wise advisor, and help you avoid potentially unsafe content.

Yes, absolutely free. You can download it freely from the Chrome Web Store.

You may want to double-check if you activated the extension. After installation, the extension is by default inactive. We request your proactive consent to activate the main functionality of the extension. You can do so by clicking on the extension's browser icon and thus open the mini drop-down dashboard of the extension.

We need to change your default search engine to our search domain in order to access the autocomplete area of your browser address bar. This is where we provide the main functionality of this extension.

Please check out the uninstallation instructions on the Uninstall page.